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Patricia is the Author of Memoir of a Seeker ‘The 21 day journey for renewal of spirit’ and the anthology of poems in the book ‘The Awakening, Poetry for the soul’. She is the proud wife of Fronzie Charles, Fitness Guru, Taekwon-do Coach and founder of Socaskip Power Workout.

The mother of Magnalena age 12 and Fronanzo age 9 whom she refer to as her greatest miracles. In 2015 Patricia contributed the poem ‘Hail Global Voices’ to the publication The Routledge International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research.
Patricia considers her biggest challenge and super power are the ability to cope with chronic illnesses Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis which was diagnosed in 2011. It meant giving up her career in project management in the Arts and Heritage industries and supporting multi-cultural communities. However, she devotes herself to writing daily positive blogs on social media, raising her family and helping others through her experience in mentoring and coaching.
Patricia's Family
Fronzie and Patricia
Patricia Lashley Charles Memoir of a Seeker
She has delivered many inter-cultural and community building arts and heritage projects and events. Her passion is bringing people together to celebrate differences and discover similarities. She has represented Britain on diversity boards and delivered speaking engagements in Europe.

In 2004 she designed and delivered over 3 years a comprehensive multi-cultural arts and heritage project documenting the lives and experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic communities titled ‘Untold Stories’ through a series of events, media projects and performances.

She loves music and writes song lyrics for fellow Artists too. Patricia hopes to use her voice again to motivate others and lift up their spirits and souls in a world that needs healing. In 2020 she looks forward to new publications through herself and her children as they too are adamant to write and create books. 

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memoir of a seeker book
The-Awakening Book
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