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Patricia’s writing has been featured in Magazines, University manuals, and newspapers. She is a Trinidadian born poet and creative writer and an advocate for cultural diverse arts and heritage. Patricia has resided in Cambridge, England for the last 16 years and is married to Fronzie and has two children Magnalena age 9 and Fronanzo age 6.

She has written a journal and an anthology of poems which she hopes to publish in 2017. She is a motivator and uses her art of writing to inspire and encourage people on their journeys through social media.

The last 7 years Patricia has been a Chronic Pain Warrior having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a debilitating disease and Osteoarthritis. She enjoys family time, playing with their two bunnies in the garden, writing daily, helping others achieve their dreams. Patricia’s daily walk with God’s Holy Spirit inspires her to do her best and obtain daily wisdom on her sacred path that she can share with others.

Patricia Lashley Charles
the routledge international handbook of intercultural arts research
Patricia Lashley Charles
Patricia Lashley Charles

Patricia has delivered many intercultural projects and community building arts and heritage events to bring people together, to celebrate their differences and discover what is also similar.

One such project was the Untold Stories of Cambridge’s diverse communities which is documented in various publications and archives.

She enjoys music and begun writing lyrics with a fellow Artist last year. It is her ultimate wish to share her thoughts and words with readers globally against all odds living with daily chronic pain.

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