The Awakening

Poetry for the Soul

The Awakening

Poetry for the Soul

This treasure of a book is an anthology of poems acknowledging the wisdom and journeys of the Ancestors. The Author seeks a place of sanctuary to express her creativity through the art of words, meditation and healing. It explores the beauty of music and words, the human emotions and the essence of life.

It unravels one’s soul to step into greatness and acknowledge your oneness with the Creator. The poems explore generational burdens, the search for purpose, the sacredness of illness and the hope for a brighter tomorrow whilst making the most of the present moment.

A Writer’s journey – ‘I wrote the words, and left it behind, unable to look again, unable to define, where I was and where I had been. I had been crawling back to the core of my being, through my writing all along, my constant companion and eternal friend, I am writing still.

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