The Awakening Book Is Now Available On Amazon

Welcome to my corner of the world where words are my companion and my home is my sanctuary. I am pleased to announce the launch of my second bookThe Awakening: Poetry for the Soul‘.

It is an anthology of thoughts, reflections, love, ancestral appreciation, a movement for positive change and highlights the impact on a soul when sudden changes happen. Thank you for joining me on my journey on social media and for those who have known me for many, many years. I do love and appreciate your support.

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The Awakening: Poetry For The Soul

This book includes pieces titled: Ancestral Calling, Caribbean Tales, Windrush, The Awakening and many more.

Awakening: Poetry of the Soul is now available in paperback and Kindle edition via Amazon. I hope it will be an enjoyable companion for you as you weather through the many storms of life and the many experiences that cause you to appreciate the beauty around you too.

The Master Piece 2 – ‘Write me a masterpiece’ I heard my soul say. Bathe me in the glory of river-flowing words and streams soothing my spirit, till I dance in delight and my body unites with day and night.’

So once again join me on another adventure and I will surely love to hear from you once you have read the Awakening too.

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