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Spring into a new beginning – Reflect, renew, rejuvenate

For some of us, the season of Spring spells into a new beginning and a fresh perspective. As the old adage reminds us ‘you are not too old and it’s not too late.’ You can begin right now to live your best life. Start where you are at and put a plan in place. If you’ve never had a clear vision before, leave judgement behind and gather a pen and paper or your laptop and make a start. Ask yourself these pertinent questions: –

What do you really want? Who are you? What do you think are God’s plans for your life? What are your fears? Answer these questions, truthfully and as best as you can. Sit in a quiet space before you begin, take a deep breath as you close your eyes and let your mind and body relax. Bring your soul and spirit in alignment as you begin to write. Remember it’s not too late. Give yourself a great chance. Believe in yourself – say it until it begins to resonate. You are worth it my friend!

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So spring into action and let your joy take over. It is time to get behind the steering wheel of your life and begin anew. It is time to reflect, renew and rejuvenate. Don’t delay, take action today and let spring be a great motivator.

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