The Covid-19 pandemic has caught the world off-guard and the world has woken up to a new way of being. For those of us living with chronic conditions, a quarantined existence has been our normal, and we have found purpose through our pain. But let’s face it, many human-beings have been unconscious of their environment, unconcerned about the rapidly changing climate and oblivious to their innate divinity to make a difference. There has been a lack of care for our communities and our children.  We are voting in politicians that are part of the many problems that the world has been facing. The more technology we have had access to, the less engaged we have become. And the less we communicate with each other.

When was the last time you looked within and spend some time in solitude? We have become so pre-occupied, distracted, and focused on immaterial things. The more money we make, the less we care for the growing number of poverty-stricken communities and countries. We have taken the ‘them and us’ approach and refuse to believe that what could happen to others, can soon follow us too. Now the Covid-19 virus is not just in China, it’s moving across the globe. It does not have a face to be seen or a preference for whom it targets, whether rich or poor, race or gender, religion or culture.

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Behind the lenses of growing problems of war, poverty, violence and racial hatred, the world has been in crisis for a very long time. For the greed of the minority has caused widespread problems for the majority.
Yet it is a well known fact that everyone can survive and everyone can thrive, for there is sufficient on God’s green earth to meet all our basic needs, but not to fulfill everyone’s selfish desires and greed. We take so much for granted and have not had the foresight or took the time to think about our crumbling planet. For the few that do, they have been labelled ‘weird’, ‘conspirators’, even crazy and out of touch. The God-fearing humans and spiritual seekers have been ignored and laughed at.

Here we are, in 2020, a brand new decade full of possibilities and yet since January we have been hit by more natural disasters, unexplained deaths, crumbling institutions, economies and deadly viruses that are now threatening to wipe us out.

However, as you sit at home with your children or even if you live alone, there are many blessings to consider and numerous things that you can do. Here are just a few: – 

  • Treasure this unique time and go within to reflect on where you are and where you are going.
  • Take this time to pray and meditate, to focus on your divine gifts, on your true purpose.
  • Think about letting go of what does not serve you or your community.
  • Focus on your health and well-being with daily exercise, a healthier diet and a good dose of laughter. 
  • Teach your children morals and good values and have more communication and family time. Re-learn and practise good habits. 
  • Structure home-schooling that’s both enlightening and fun. Help them explore their learning styles.
  • Take time to know who they are and appreciate their uniqueness and rediscover who you are. 
  • It’s a wonderful time to learn new things, a new language, a new course, a computer app, advance your knowledge of technology.
  • Research on-line business opportunities and even work on creating your own. 
  • Spend time reading, writing, doing art, creating or listening to music. It’s a wonderful opportunity to practise your dance moves.
  • For couples –  find ways to spice up your love lives and appreciate each other more. 
  • Take time to de-clutter and clean your home, touching every room with a fresh and new look. A great time to work on those DIY projects that you hadn’t had time to do before.
  • Enjoy a spiritual awakening as you clean – light a candle and give thanks, using sage and other herbs to bless and sanctify your home.
  • Now is your time to breathe, to relax, to rethink old ways, to re-establish who you are and become grounded again and most of all appreciate your home, your place of sanctuary.
  • Become more grateful for all that you have and all that you are. Develop an attitude of gratitude.
  • Organise food boxes for those in need. Even if your family can only do so for one family. Every little helps and each one helps one.
  • Learn to love unconditionally again. Practise self love each day and carve out joy.
  • Each day take a moment to take off the news, turn off your devises and sit in silence, smile as you hold that place of peace.
  • Keep a journal and engage in all the things that can lift your spirit and reconnect with your soul.

    Yes we are facing a pandemic and we will be concerned about the loss of lives, livelihoods and what is becoming our new normal and by all means do stay inside and keep safe. But remember to focus on the many blessings too and there are blessings in disguise. Let us spend more time in prayer and doing good for others. Let us trust the divine flow of the Universe and stay in gratitude. Take precautions in every way possible. But don’t panic, stay calm, stay safe and rediscover who you truly are. This too shall pass!

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Patricia Lashley-Charles
Author of Memoir of a Seeker and Poetry for the Soul