Welcome To Patricia Lashley Charles Author Website

This is the beginning of many new and exciting things to come. I look forward to sharing daily blogs with you. I will be sharing the journey of publishing two books this summer.

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My Biggest Goal This Month

Is to launch my Author’s website as I prepare to self-publish two books. One is a memoir that I wrote 8 years ago and another is a collection of poetry that I have been writing since 2014. This is me emerging as an Author into the sea of the unknown. But what an adventure it’s going to be! I am truly excited and with little trepidation I am moving forward. I am grateful for the people in my life right now including a wonderful and amazing design team. Thank you to my Mum, Hubby and children for their patience as I endeavour to do the inevitable this summer.

Sometimes you have to leap in faith and watch your wings grow. Believe in yourself – it is the gift of the Spirit and God’s gift to you. Without belief you remain stuck and unable to grow. You do the world a disservice too for the work you have to do as an individual, no one else can do.

Check Out My Books Latest Update: The Awakening | Memoir Of A Seeker

Thank you to all my social media friends and family. Join me in celebrating the launch of my very own Author Website. I look forward to writing my daily devotions to you and for you.

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