Memoir Of A Seeker Book Is Now Available On Amazon

The long-awaited publication by Author Patricia Lashley-Charles, the book ‘Memoir of a Seeker, 21 days for Renewal of Spirit, is finally here. The book was published on December 10th, 2017 and is now available to purchase on Amazon.

Patricia shares her spiritual journey with readers and a 21 day renewal that was revealed to her in 2008. The book includes inspirational quotes, biblical references and personal stories. Readers will get an insight into the life of someone who experienced sudden loss and challenges and their ability to overcome and keep hope and faith alive.

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Patricia is an advocate for Cultural Diverse Arts and is a chronic pain warrior having been diagnosed with the debilitating disease Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. She uses her writing as therapy and as a vehicle for reaching out to the world in love and compassion.

For the last two years, Patricia has shared daily inspirational posts with friends and family on social media. This book is the first of many more publications to come. Her greatest desire is to keep others inspired and support them on their sacred paths.

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Help to change someone’s life today and order a copy of the book for a friend or family member. Get your copy of Memoir of a Seeker: A 21 day journey for the renewal of spirit at Amazon.

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