The New Month of July – ‘A Natural Mystic is blowing through the air’.

Your essence is within you and you are divine. You are waking up to a new understanding, a fresh perspective and you are on a journey of self-realisation and empowerment. Joyful July will bring about a turn in the road, an unexpected miracle and an abundance of truth. You will realise the world we live in before was an illusion and that the true essence of self-mastery lies in the unification of all that is human and sentinel. Those that were denied and delayed will be blessed beyond measure and every outspoken prophet will reap the rewards for generations to come.

Some say we are living in the last days, the end of times, the signs of things yet to come. Listen to the messages spoken and those unspoken. You are waking up to a life that is equal and yet so frightful because you have only known a world divided by race, religion and wealth.

This July open your heart and mind to receive enlightenment. Spend time learning as much as you are teaching. Spend time praising as much as you are questioning. You are in the season of knowing and growing. Stay in touch with who you are and who you were meant to be by divine birthright. You are living in the age of knowledge and a powerful paradigm shift is taking place. This is an opportunity to change the course of life for the better and everyone will benefit tremendously.

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We are not yet post-covid and we are certainly not yet past the end of racism and white supremacy. But there is a natural mystic in the air, stay alert and know that there will be angelic and divine interventions. A paradigm shift is unearthing and each of us is fortunate to witness this phenomenal change. Law-makers, truth-seekers, prophets, policy changers, protesters, activists and religious leaders are coming together to end what has been ugly and unjust in our world. You however will play your path by being the best divine being and acting in faith for positive change.

‘If you listen carefully now, you will hear, things are not the way they use to be’, the words of Bob Marley rings through the air. Be willing to go the extra mile, be willing to go against the norm, be willing to stand alone at times for the answers will come. Be the leader you were born to be and see things through, don’t give up the flow of energy that is moving you forward. Wade in the water as our Ancestors did before us. Stand the test of time and reap the rewards. Feel the Natural Mystic blowing through the air. July will be joyful – let’s celebrate this global change together.

Remember each day to ‘wade in the water children’. Don’t give up the good fight. We are bound for the promise land. God will have the final say.

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Patricia Lashley-Charles
Author, Poet, Coach