Let Us Celebrate Happy International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate around the world this one day that unites us all as women, nurturers and leaders. Let us be grateful for all our Ancestors that have paved the way for us. It is by no means an easy road to be a Girl or Woman in this world. But when we think about Mother Nature and Mother God we can understand a woman’s extraordinary earthly role, her historical role, her role in humanity, her spiritual endeavours, her struggles, her ability to rise and keep on rising in spite of the limitations that have been placed before her.

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She is and always will be Woman – Wombman – Creator of our civilisation and conqueror of our destinies. Let us today unite as sisters and let us join hands with our menfolk to make this world a greater place for humanity and generations that will follow. Thank the women in your life and appreciate them. It is the only way.

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