2020 has been an extraordinary year!

It has been an awakening for many on a spiritual level and deeply personal level – learning to make do with less or learning more creative ways of earning, spending more time with family members, home-schooling, more use of technology and lots of DIY. Some spent time absorbing the beauty around us when we get outside to the park or our gardens. It showed us too that life can throw us curve balls and cause paradigm shifts we weren’t prepared for, yet we build the resilience on the way. However, there has been many blessings, with more down time to reflect, to renew our spirit, restore our health and well-being and work on the projects long delayed. The time spent with love ones can either have broken us or made us more determined to do right for each other. You have to admit though, life has been a mountain climbing experience each month. Now we are in the season of goodwill and it feels like it is a time to give back to yourself and to others. A time to rejoice and let go of the sorrows that kept you in bondage. To let the possibility of a new world that is fair and just for all be ever present in your heart and mind. To be grateful to all the people that put their lives on the line so you can have a brighter future. To honour our Ancestors and cherish our children and young people even more.

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November is the month to bring to surface the debris of yesteryears and heal unresolved issues and wounds. To confront the past and forgive yourself and those that have caused you harm. Now is the time to end the decades-long feelings of unworthiness and to accept how awesome YOU are and how great is the Most High that created you. Now is the time to learn and relearn and to do all that you can DO to make a positive difference. Be creative, it is in you and you will be surprised what you can achieve with a heart full of joy and belief in your gifts that God has given you. Be willing to accept responsibility for your short-comings and carve out time for gratitude and thanksgiving each day.

November is the time to rekindle what has been lost within you. To return to the drawing board, the studio, the shed, the loft – places you left your sketches behind. Dust off the cobwebs of yesteryears and live in this moment fully. Take on an armour of resilience, peace, joy, abundance, a fresher perspective on life and give God the glory for granting you the grace each day. There’s more than enough for each of us when we count our blessings you will realise how much you have and how much you are loved. Create moments that will take your breath away – let November be an exceptional month for YOU. You are worth it and the world needs you!

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Patricia Lashley-Charles
Author, Poet, Coach