A 21 Day Journey for Renewal of Spirit – Get started here.

I hope your seasonal celebrations were enjoyable and you are ready to begin anew for 2018. Why not join me on a 21 day quest for renewal of spirit. Pick up your copy of the Memoir today at Amazon and let us grow and share together. Let us make 2018 truly amazing as we draw close to our divine spirit and discover our sacred path.

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This is also a personal thank you note for all of you for allowing me to share my thoughts and inspiration with you on social media daily. I truly honour the path that I am on and with your continued love and support, I know that together we can achieve our highest calling.

Join me in celebrating this milestone and share your thoughts and feedback with me either on my website or on Amazon.

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Patricia Lashley-Charles Author of ‘Memoir of a Seeker, 21 days for Renewal of Spirit, which was published on December 10th, 2017 and is now available to purchase on Amazon.

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