13 Ways to Achieve Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind – A mental state of calmness or tranquillity, a freedom from worry and anxiety. (dictionary meaning)

If you had to describe in your life now, what does peace of mind look like, feel like, what words would you use to describe that feeling and that way of being? We strive for many things in this world but peace of mind seem to evade most of us. Is it linked to contentment or in today’s fast-paced world, does contentment mean being lazy or lacking in ambition? Peace of mind does have an element of contentment, self-acceptance, charity of spirit, trusting the flow of life as it is, being in tune or working on getting there with Divine.

Some believe if you are not racing through life on a daily basis, you are not being productive. Yet more and more it is discovered that meditation in the morning, breathing techniques, letting go and surrendering, all play important parts in bringing us to a place of peace and eventual peace of mind. When we slow down, we listen more, we learn more, we make less mistakes, we are gentle with ourselves and our short-comings, we take time to reflect and evaluate, we appreciate and value our time more.

Learn to live your life fully and consciously, seeking peace of mind and life will begin to make more sense and have true meaning and purpose. Let peace of mind be the guiding force in your home – from conflict resolution, to listening to each other, bringing more harmony through prayer and music, trusting yourself more, setting realistic goals in the short-term and medium term, aiming to have a more loving outlook on life and towards others. Let go of the need to control everything and everyone around you. Allow peace to be at the centre of your workplaces, your spiritual havens and your communities.

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Here are some other points to consider to bring you to a peaceful state of mind:

1.Be grateful and thankful at the beginning of each new day.
2.Forgive yourself and others. (or begin the journey today)
3.Be content in spirit and mind. Remembering you are enough.
4.Believe and trust in divine timing. Being patient for the outcomes you seek.
5.Use the word ‘peace’ in your daily living. Greet others in peace. e.g.‘Shalom’ the Jewish greeting’
6.Find peaceful resolutions to any conflicts. Communication is key.
7.Practise daily breathing techniques and meditation.
8.Make a list of intentions daily and evaluate at the close of day.
9.Make time to pray and to affirm goodness in your life.
10.Self-love – simple things such as grooming your hair, a relaxing bath, a smile from the heart, reading, journalling or a quiet walk in the park or gardening.
11.Keeping life simple and less complicated.
12.Be the change and be the rainbow in someone’s life.
13.Speak to someone you can trust about any issues and share good news with others.

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Shalom to all on this blessed day of October. May peace of mind and spirit be with you always.

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