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Patricia Lashley Charles

A born poet and creative writer

Patricia is the Author of Memoir of a Seeker ‘The 21 day journey for renewal of spirit’ and the anthology of poems in the book ‘The Awakening, Poetry for the soul’. Patricia is a certified Life Coach and owner of the Fulfilled Life Coaching Practice.

My Books

Patricia Lashley Charles memoir of a seeker book

Memoir Of A Seeker

A 21 Day Journey for Renewal of Spirit

The book is based on a spiritual message given to the Author in 2008 to complete a 21-day cleanse and renewal of spirit and to share it with the world.

The Awakening

Poetry for the Soul

This treasure of a book is an anthology of poems. It explores the beauty of music and words, the human emotions and the essence of life.

Patricia Lashley Charles The Awakening book



This is a book that speaks to the experiences of millions in our world even as it shares one persons journey and does so with the authenticity of a life being lived and the gentle voice of a careful and thoughtful friend.

– Amazon Customer

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Discover November’s purpose!

Discover November’s purpose!

It has been an awakening for many on a spiritual level and deeply personal level – learning to make do with less or learning more creative ways of earning, spending more time with family members, home-schooling, more use of technology and lots of DIY.

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